Meet a more experienced speaker and develop your Manx Gaelic

Our next evolution in language learning will pair you with a more experienced speaker to help develop your Manx Gaelic skills and confidence.

How does it work?


  1. Register your interest below
    Let us know what your skill level is and how you'd prefer to meet your speaker/Mainshter.
  2. We'll find an experienced speaker
    Your Mainshter will be slightly ahead of you to help you develop your Manx Gaelic and become a confident speaker.
  3. Keep an eye out for an email
    When we've found a match for you, we'll email you with a special activation link to start your partnership.
  4. Pay for your sessions Use PayPal to securely pay for your session with your Mainshter.
  5. Start when you're ready We'll put you in touch with your Mainshter so you can start when you're ready.

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Membership benefit

The Sheshaghyn speaking programme is a Membership benefit exclusive to Pobble Members.

You can help support our work through a regular annual donation of £10. We will use your donation to continue hosting events, creating spaces for Manx Gaelic and evolving language learning.

Joining Pobble gives you access to some Member-only services:

  • Join our Sheshaghyn learning system and learn from a more experienced speaker
  • Participate in member-only events

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Frequently asked questions

Can I extend my sessions?

Yes! We'd love to help you build on your experience speaking with your Mainshter, or choose a different one for a new challenge. Simply register again and we'll take care of the rest.

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