Pobble awards inaugural Aundyr Brian Stowell

Jo Callister wins Pobble's prize to recognise creative work in Manx Gaelic with her books featuring charming and recognisable characters

Published Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Pobble were delighted to announce the winners of their inaugural prize for recognising creativity using Manx Gaelic, the Aundyr Brian Stowell.

The first and second prize was awarded to Jo Callister, who produced some inspiring and original stories that were accessible and showed not only great Manx usage but also an awareness of the potential audience. Jo created two stories based on her own hens Hen Solo and Princess Layer and her father’s stories of “Jinny the Grid Witch”, saying that as a teacher she hoped that they could be used in schools.

The third prize was awarded to artist Felicity Wood for her creation of paintings featuring the Manx language. The water-colour images had a definite Celtic feel to them with a nod to the beauty and heritage present on the Isle of Man. Although not a Manx speaker, Felicity’s work showed that there can be a real positive dynamic between creative artwork and the language. Awarding the prizes, Adrian Cain, recognising the quality of the artwork, said "it is really important for us to work with artists to give a different feel to the language."

A video of the award can be viewed at YouTube

Pobble was really impressed by the quality of the material entered into the Aundyr Brian Stowell this year. Pobble was one of the organisations that supported an excellent Cooish this year.

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