Manx language immersion Staycation in Ramsey a remarkable success

Diners greet the camera

Another successful Manx language immersion event in Ramsey, reminding ourselves of our lovely island and its people.

This year’s Manx Language immersion and learning weekend (“Ynsee-cation”, as one guest suggested) was hosted in Ramsey. We stayed in the Ramsey Park Hotel, over the banks of the lovely Mooragh Park in Ramsey. Later, enjoying the park itself and the grounds of Milntown House.

Our guests ranged in age and ability, from 7 upwards and from learner to expert. We were pleased to have Jamys Harrison join us for supporting our learning and hosting some games in Gaelg. Breesha Maddrell, Director of Culture Vannin, said the Staycation was “an excellent idea, and much needed for the language community”.

We’ve shared some selected photographs on our Facebook page.

Helping to host the event, learner and member of Pobble Clare Crellin said “For me the challenge of speaking and listening for an extended period in different environments and with different groups was what made it valuable. I’ve struggled more on earlier Pobble trips but this one came at the right time for me and I gained confidence.”

Max Wheeler, a scholar of the language, said “Great to have time to get into the rhythm of speaking Manx more or less continuously.”

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