£500 raised by Dot Saunders on behalf of Pobble presented to Mooinjer Veggey

Dot Saunders, Phil Gawne and Adrian Cain

Pobble is pleased to announce that it has has raised £500 for Mooinjey Veggey by supporting Dot Saunders in this year’s Manx Telecom Parish Walk.

Dot Saunders is an experienced Manx Telecom Parish Walker, previously successfully completing the course in 2013, and in 2018 reached Kirk Michael in 9 hours 30 minutes and 41 seconds.

This year, Dot raised money for Mooinjey Veggey on behalf of Pobble. Dot completed her goal of reaching Patrick before attending a singing engagement with Caarjyn Cooidjagh later in the afternoon, a distance of 30.5 miles, achieving a personal best of 7 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds..

Clare Crellin, of Pobble, said “we’re very proud of Dot’s achievements and willingness to take on this challenge so enthusuastically and working so hard to reach her goals. We’ve enjoyed working with Dot in her fundraising and hope to work with her again in her next challenge.”

The money was raised for the work of Mooinjer Veggey, who provide two Manx Gaelic-speaking nurseries, a Possan Cloie (playgroup), and the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, and will be used to assist Mooinjer Veggey to help children acquire Manx at preschool and school. The £500 raised by Dot was presented to Phil Gawne, Chair of Mooinjer Veggey, on Saturday July 27th at Thie ny Gaelgey, St Judes (Andreas) by Adrian Cain and Dot Saunders on behalf of Pobble.

Pobble wish to express their grateful thanks to Dot, and to everyone who supported her and generously gave money in this campaign.

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