Successful Gaeltaght in the North

People chatting in background with Pobble logo front and centre

Pobble’s successful pop-up Gaeltaght format continues to attract speakers from around the island.

Pobble were pleased to host another of its successful pop-up Gaeltaghts this Friday, in the Northern Swimming Pool in Ramsey.

Our Gaeltaghts, inspired from similar programmes in Ireland, bring speakers of all levels together in public places to consolidate the strength of our language with real speakers in real conversation.

Speakers of all ages and abilities joined us, which shows how the language remains a vital community and cultural asset.

This year we are hosting pop-up Gaeltaghts across the island, bringing speakers together and strengthening our Manx Gaelic speaking community.

Clare Crellin, host with Pobble

You can see photographs from our event on our Facebook photo album.

We look forward to hosting another conversation group in the pop-up Gaeltaght format soon, moving around the island to try and reach all speakers.

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