Pobble response to the Education Bill 2019

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Pobble respond to the Education Bill consultation.

Pobble continue to promote and lobby for the Manx Gaelic language, across cultural and educational aspects, contributing to the rich heritage that is provided by the language.

You will be aware that The Department of Education and Children recently published a Consultation Document “Education Bill 2019” to update the current 2001 Education Act. Section 29 (The Curriculum) of the new Education Bill gives the impression that the status of the teaching of Manx Gaelic was to be downgraded insomuch that the language was to be included within the new proposed 2019 curriculum heading “Education in Manx Culture (including history and language)”.

The previous Education Education Act 2001 ordered that the Curriculum was to provide for all registered pupils of compulsory school age “the teaching of Manx Gaelic and the culture and history of the island”. The Directors of Pobble feel this change of emphasis from the teaching of Manx Gaelic to all pupils to that of an add-on to the teaching of Manx Culture (including history and language) is a retrograde step and we have therefore responded to the Consultation accordingly.

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