Pobble launch web site

Skewed screenshot of web site

Pobble launch web site to increase accessibility and extend their work to develop Manx Gaelic as a community resource.

Pobble have developed and launched a new web-site at http://pobble.im which provides access to resources across Pobble’s interests and services.

The web site offers a number of key services for users. Users can read about Pobble’s work in the community to grow the use of Manx Gaelic and read the latest news from Pobble and our growing portfolio of projects.

The web-site is in addition to Pobble’s established Facebook page that already provides information on events, news and successes of Pobble in supporting Manx Gaelic. You can reach us at this page using the Facebook link at the bottom of every page.

The Pobble web site provides opportunity to make donations to the site and join as new members, individually or as a family.

Users may additionally choose to register for our successful Sheshaghyn programme, where we can put you in touch with another speaker as your Mainshter, to help develop your confidence in using the language in a one-to-one conversation either in person or using video conferencing such as Skype.

We also encourage people to sign up using the web-site as a Mainshter to help support us and other speakers of Manx Gaelic.

At Pobble, we’ve always embraced technology as a means of spreading and supporting the resources for Manx Gaelic but also making sure that the language remains relevant in this internet-enabled generation. Using the web-site we can reach more people and integrate with more services that users trust.

Nathan Pledger, Director responsible for technology at Pobble

The Pobble web-site integrates with a number of internet services to create a seamless experience for users wanting to join as members, access news, hear about events or keep in touch with Pobble and its work.

Using PayPal, the web-site allows users to make donations, set up membership subscriptions and pay for their Sheshaghyn arrangements using a trusted Payment handling service that is secure and offers confidence and additional controls over users’ Payments.

Pobble have more plans for the web-site and will be working with other internet services, community resources and speakers to develop Manx Gaelic as a community resource within a digital arena.

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