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Pobble are a registered charity focused on the promotion of Manx Gaelic as a community resources. We arrange events that increase the use of Manx Gaelic spoken and heard in the community and have recently commissioned a new phase in our successful buddy-system ("Sheshaghyn") learning system allowing individuals to learn from a more experienced speaker.

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You can help support our work through a regular annual donation of £10. We will use your donation to continue hosting events, creating spaces for Manx Gaelic and evolving language learning.

Joining Pobble gives you access to some Member-only services:

  • Join our Sheshaghyn learning system and learn from a more experienced speaker
  • Participate in member-only events

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Support our living language by making a donation or leaving a gift in your will

As well as your support as Members of Pobble, we welcome donations. If you have enjoyed our language activities and wish to help us to achieve our wider aims. You can make donations, no matter how big or small, via PayPal through the Pobble website by using the button on the right or by contacting us by email at post@pobble.im.

Gifts in wills can make a huge difference in enabling significant projects with widespread benefits.

Many people like to leave a gift to a charity in their will. Pobble and the Manx people will be grateful for your continuing help in promoting Manx Gaelic as a community asset through education and language activities. Please ask your legal advisor how best to express your specific wishes in making your gift to Pobble Registered Charity number 1132, Isle of Man.

Support our living language by making a donation using PayPal


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We support the next evolution in language learning by pairing speakers together in our Sheshaghyn programme. As an Apprentice/Prindeys, you will learn with with an experienced speaker and develop to your own plan.

For £20 you can enjoy a personal learning plan spread over 10 sessions with an experienced speaker. You can shape the conversation how you would use Manx. Help support your interaction with children at the Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, develop your academic interests in linguistics or just have a chat over a coffee.

Whilst we encourage chats over a coffee to get the most out of using Manx, we also support and promote using technology to reach your potential. Our Sheshaghyn programme supports learning programmes over Google Hangouts, Skype, and more.


Pobble are able to pair learners and mentors together to develop Manx Gaelic not only in the apprentice ("Prindeys") but also the mentor ("Mainshter").

Becoming someone's Mentor can be in a formal or informal capacity, using time and contact method suitable to you. We recognise the contribution all our Mentors contribute not only to their Apprentices, but also the Manx Gaelic community.

  • Mixed abilities welcome
  • Expand your own skills
  • Meet new learners
  • Become part of the growth
  • Membership is not required

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You don't need to be a Member to join in with a lot of Pobble's events.

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