Failt erriu dys Pobble / Welcome to Pobble

We aim to support Manx Gaelic speakers and learners, and encourage Gaelg to be spoken and heard in our Island community

What we do

Arrange events e.g. walks, trips to interesting places on our Island, regular conversational sessions – where you can practice your Gaelg and listen to others. Follow us on Facebook to find out what’s going on……..

Operate a “buddy” learning system to help individuals develop their skills with the language – this is currently being revitalised so please be patient!

Award the Aundyr Brian Stowell prize for creativity in Manx

If you wish to support these activities, you can become a member of Pobble or donate.

Upcoming Events

Saturday 28th October 2023

Trip on Manx Electric Railway – meet at 09.50 at MER Terminus for ride to Laxey / Ramsey

Every Wednesday lunchtime @ 12 noon

Pobble at the Cooish (external link)

Kirbyl as Coloarytys / Lunch & Conversation at The Atrium, Douglas

November 1, 12 noon: Pobble will be hosting Cozy lunchtime Cooish at The Atrium, Douglas

November 4, 10-3: Pobble will share a stand with Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh (external link) at Cooish, Cappan as Croo in Castletown